Samsung Gear S3 Classic LTE Version Officially Launches

The Samsung Gear S3 has two distinct models, the Frontier and Classic, with each one sporting a remarkably different design language. The look of the Frontier is catered towards those looking for a rugged and reliable outdoorsy type of watch while the Classic is way better equipped for people who want their smartwatch to look right at home when worn with a suit. Having these two different styles to choose from is impressive, and while both the Frontier and Classic are pretty much the same in every other aspect aside from appearance, one advantage that the former has over the latter is the fact that it now supports LTE connectivity which allows you to use the Gear S3 Frontier as a totally standalone device without the need to have it connected to a smartphone.

A New LTE Version Of The Samsung Gear S3 Classic

Samsung has officially launched an LTE-equipped version of the Gear S3 Classic. Until now, the only LTE-enabled choice for Gear S3 fans was the more rugged-looking Frontier edition. For now, the smartwatch is only available exclusively through South Korea's SK Telecom. The carrier is selling it for 451,000 won, which cost roughly around $390. The Gear S3 Classic LTE on SK Telecom will arrive with three exclusive watch faces which have been developed by both Samsung and SK Telecom. There is no information on how long the Samsung Gear S3 Classic LTE will be exclusive to SK Telecom and also no further details on when it will release with other carriers or retailers.

Samsung Never Fails To Offer Evolving Gadgets To Their Customers

Samsung has been in the wearable game longer most compared with other tech companies. From its original Galaxy Gear through to now with its latest Gear S3, the Classic and Frontier models. the evolution shows the company's refined focus on its smartwatch proposition.


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