Ark: Survival Evolved Massive Update: What We Know So Far

Updates have been a common thing in Ark: Survival Evolved. These are what made the community going from time to time. After all, the game has yet to exist as a full version. While the latter still remains a mystery, the forthcoming patch is something to look forward to. This is simply because it promises a couple of interesting things.

It's worth noting that just a couple of days ago, Studio Wildcard released the latest Ark: Survival Evolved patch, as reported by Express. The latter didn't only bring some new Dinos, but it also introduced a couple of buildable items. This update, however, was only introduced to the game's console version on both Xbox One and PS4. PC, on the other hand, isn't yet to be there (though the studio promised it'll arrive soon).

The PC build for Ark: Survival Evolved was meant for January 25. Unfortunately, it was pushed back. The new date to look forward to will be on January 30. The studio iterated that they needed such adjustment, as the work required for the update is quite rigorous. Apparently, they needed more time to deliver the patch's goals.

The Ark: Survival Evolved developer, nonetheless, stated that the wait will be worth it. The players will get to enjoy "a lot of new content." Apart from that, they're bound to release an "extra-special surprise feature." All of these can be expected within the release of the aforesaid update.

There's an interesting part here in this soon to be released Ark: Survival Evolved patch. The features or whatnots that the PC platform will be getting will also be brought to the consoles. However, as mentioned above, these changes will only be realized later this month. For those who were unable to follow through with the new patch, it can be checked here. While the listed ones are already confirmed to arrive, some reports suggested that more features can be expected.

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