Ark: Survival Evolved To Get New Dinos, Sci-Fi Themed Items Come December Patch

The new update for Ark: Survival Evolved from Studio Wildcard is a huge one. It'll allow players to create their own sci-fi themed items and whatnots. And of course, they can also expect new types of dinos to arrive. To bring in the hype, the studio has opted to release a trailer giving fans a preview of the forthcoming patch.

According to MMORPG, the upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved update is called TEK Tier. It's scheduled for a release sometime in December, which is next month. Also, it's expected to receive various updates in the succeeding months thereafter. Players are definitely in for a huge treat.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved update will give players the ability to craft sci-fi themed items. From gears to weapons to structures, these will all be possible. Apart from that, players will also be able to mount various energy weapons to their dinos. Add to that the fact that plasma rifles will now give them the capability of sniping enemies from a distance.

Aside from the above mentioned items coming via the Ark: Survival Evolved TEK Tier update, another item will also be introduced. It's called the jet packs. As the name suggests, it'll give players the ability to go from Point A to Point B with much haste. Obviously, they can use this as one of their escape tools. To learn more, go to the game's official site here.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a brand new update is also coming, only that it'll be made available for the PC platform. It's called patch v251.0 and is slated to arrive on November 23. The aforesaid update will bring in new sets of dinosaurs -- including Moschops, Achatina, Megalosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus.

The aforesaid Ark: Survival Evolved patch is also expected to bring in a new mechanic. It's deemed as the Breeding Phase 3: Random Mutations and Family Tree. Caves will also be updated, while players can expect two new mythos Explorer Notes -- each of which are made available to the characters.

What are your thoughts on the Ark: Survival Evolved TEK Tier content? What are your expectations? How about the patch v251.0? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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