Could Xiaomi Ever Become A Global Smartphone Giant?

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Xiaomi´s history has been framed by the way in which this Chinese company has managed to become the second-largest smartphone maker in China in just a couple of years.

Xiaomi Decided Not To Expand To The U.S. Market

However, in a moment in which Chinese smartphones are expected to conquer the global market, it is not known yet if Xiaomi could end up achieving this major goal. In fact, the most incredible detail is that there are other Chinese brands as the OnePlus, that even when it doesn't have the same importance or popularity that Xiaomi´s has, it seems more likely to conquer the global market.

In fact, it was known that Xiaomi actually decided not to expand to the U.S. from now, which many believes that it would a lost opportunity that might be quite damaging for the company, considering that if any Chinese smartphone wants to create confidence in the U.S. customers, this will be the best moment to start doing it. 

Xiaomi And Its Lack Of Intellectual Property

The problem rolled out by media outlets and most analysts is Xiaomi's lack of intellectual property, which would end up being a huge problem for the company. Let´s put it like this if Xiaomi didn´t care about this issue and decided to enter the U.S. and western European markets, the unlikely outcome would be getting slammed with multiple patent lawsuits from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and many other brands.

In addition to this big issue, another issue that Xiaomi has been dealing with in the past days is the departure of its Global VP Hugo Barra, which is well-known for its outstanding work at Google. Naturally, losing one of your key members is always extremely threatening for a company that wants to take a huge leap, especially in a business that has been characterized for being extremely rough and competitive.

This way Xiaomi is on the edge of a major dilemma that could create an incredible damage to its position in the market, given the fact that even if it decides to just keep existing in the markets, this would give a huge advantage to every single smartphone company that decides to take the leap into the U.S. and western markets, and even to those that already are positioned in it.

This means that Huawei would increase its power and popularity, and even LG might beat Xiaomi and become a much more powerful smartphone maker. In short, is not known if this company will ever take the major leap to the global market, but when it´s finally able to make it, it might be a little too late.

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