'Final Fantasy XV' Guide To Finding All the Moogles In The Brothers Kupomazov Quest

The quest, "The Brothers Kupomazov," involves players scouring the fun-filled festival for an assortment of Moogle dolls. Read on to learn where to find each specific doll in order to score some sweet prizes and make the most out of the ongoing celebrations.

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival just went live and players have until Feb. 20 to explore the locality, do quests and collect prizes. In line with this, one major activity fans can tackle is "The Brothers Kupomazov" quest. Here, Noctis is sent on a scavenger hunt-like mission wherein he has to find a total of six Moogles around the area.

Players can initiate the quest from a notice board just northeast of where they began the carnival DLC. Fans will receive two Choco-Mog Medallions for every Moogle they catch and an extra six pieces for when they complete the mission. RPG Site reports the following locations where Noctis can find the moogles:

Final Fantasy XV Moogle Carnival Locations

The Eldest Moogle is easy to find as it is just on top of the large Square Enix Cafe sign. Next, the Second Moogle is atop the statue that is holding a scepter. Take note that Noctis should be facing north in order to find this doll.

The Third Moogle is a bit trickier to find as it is on a gondola sitting above a Chocobo figurehead. Since the gondola moves around often, fans should pay close attention to the shoreline. If players still have a difficult time searching for it, it might be easier to look at night since the doll lights up.

Following this, The Fourth Moogle is on top a lamppost that has four different colored lamps. The area is just a bit up north from the Square Enix Cafe. Moving on, Noctis must take the gondola to the Arena district in order to find The Fifth Moogle. Upon reaching the area, players must walk straight until they find a pillar with the doll.

Finally, The Youngest Moogle is the most difficult to seek out as it is hiding by a windowsill. To find it, fans must look east over a fence near the Square Enix Cafe. Players will automatically complete the quest and earn their reward after successfully finding all six dolls.

Transfering Rewards to the Main Save File

To those who want to participate in the festivities, fans must download either the free or paid version of the Holiday Pack and have the game patched to version 1.04, as per iDigitalTimes. From there, fans must select the 'Special' option from the home menu and choose a save file to bring over the rewards from the festival.

Aside from completing side quests, players can also try out the other various attractions. Noctis can also ask his friend, Carbuncle, for help getting around the area via fast travel. The Final Fantasy XV event brings in a much-needed vacation from the dark and gritty theme of the game.

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