Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer Shows Off New Gameplay And Multiplayer

By Ike Recio , Jan 26, 2017 11:01 AM EST

Though Star Wars: The Old Republic was released way back in 2011, the developers at Bioware are still adding more and more expansions to it, with the latest being Knights of the Eternal Throne. A new update is said to be available for the game, and it comes with new single player content as well as some new multiplayer game modes.

New Game Modes

The new update is called "Defend the Throne" and Bioware has five new game modes coming with it. Trench Runner will have players in Denova defending the trenches from Republic General Amos Rike; Landing Party will have the player going against ex-military soldiers on Rakata Prime who are trying to build a new Star Fortress; Divided We Fall will have players infiltrating the hideout of a rogue security force on Coruscant and stop them from bombing the Republic Senate; Destroyer of Worlds will have the player and his team escort a payload of explosives in Makeb in order to defeat a rogue Jedi; and Trial and Error will let players assault a hidden space station and stop the spread of a deadly virus based on the Rakghoul plague.

Game Tyrant also reports that a master difficulty mode has been added to the update, and anyone who want to try out The Old Republic can download the game here. It is said to have been free-to-play for quite some time.

The Mandalorian Wars

Just recently, a lot of "Star Wars" fans rejoiced when the Mandalorian Wars was officially inducted into canon in "Star Wars Rebels." The Wars were introduces into the lore in Knights of the Old Republic and the most popular character to ever come out of it was Jedi-turned-Sith-turned-Jedi-again Darth Revan.

Bioware continues to add updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the game continues to have an ever-growing community of fans. The "Defend the Throne" update is now live for Star Wars TOR.

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