DiRT 4 is Back, Codemasters Ready To Release Their Game Anytime This Year

Codemasters is again making some noise in the video game community as they announced the return of DiRT Rally franchise. DiRT 4 will be available for major console platforms and will be released on June 9th (tentative).

DiRT Rally franchise is one of those racing games that you just can’t get enough. There are certain things that are very addictive with this game and it's a good thing that Codemasters is releasing a new series in addition to their massive game. DiRT 4 will surely be an upgrade comparing to its predecessor. They’ve already provided a hint by releasing a trailer of the game. The video released was not that long but it is more than enough to know what the game is all about.

DiRT 4 has numerous features that each player need to check. On a recent statement and reports by avid fans, they were able to pinpoint multiple things that will make this a must-play video game. Before we provide those features, let us check first some of the highlights of the game. Graphics of DiRT 4 or even the entire DiRT Rally franchise was never a problem. They made sure that the graphics of their game is as clear as their gameplay.

DiRT 4 will also display a combination of Dirt Rally and the previous Dirt series. This means that they were able to find a way to provide the epic realism of DiRT Rally and the thrilling circuit or routes of previous DiRt game. Here are some of the features that were recently added in DiRT 4.

DiRT 4: Luxurious Off-Road Cars

Who says that you cannot drive a lavish Off-Road Car? This might be the most interesting feature added in the game. The developers not only provided 3 breath-taking cars, but they were able to provide over 50.

DiRT 4: Various Locations

Not quite sure if it was DiRT 2 or DiRT 3 when players requested to add more flavor to the rally locations. But, that was before, right now, DiRT 4 provides five spectacular locations where you can test your driving skills. They have a million race of routes in each country namely, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Wales and USA(Michigan).

DiRT 4: Repair Those Damages

The biggest concern before in the DiRT franchise is whether or not they can replicate a realistic view of damage cars. Luckily, they were able to solve the problem. Not only DiRT 4 will show the magnitude of the damaged car but it will also allow you to hire your own engineers to repair it.

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