Twitter Had Another Major Controversy Regarding Donald Trump

Controversy doesn't seem to get away from social media network Twitter and president Donald Trump since it was known that his account can be found in the search box if you wrote some offensive terms. Naturally, this was a situation in which the company was forced to make some actions in order to solve this uncomfortable scandal.

There´s Not An Official Explanation Regarding This Issue

According to Independent, many users noticed that Donald Trump´s account appeared in one of the top results of searches as "tiny hands", "Putin", "racist" and many others that are quite offensive. Apparently, the reason for this situation remains unclear, but there are several theories, especially his supporters, that this could be made on purpose by the social media network.

Also, another explanation suggests that this could be the result of a google bomb prank, the likes of which caused really negative Google searches as "miserable failure" in order to bring up the former president George W. Bush biographical page ten in 2005. Naturally, many consider that this Twitter situation is not surprising at all, given the fact that these kinds of actions are usually made of the most controversial people, and Donald Trump is definitely one of them. In fact, this is something that also happened on Twitter with the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, which was found in the search result by the word "corrupt."

Twitter´s Solution Won´t Solve This Problem

As reported by The Telegraph, in order to end with this problem, Twitter decided to manually remove Donald Trump´s account from this kind of searches, which doesn't seem as the most efficient way to solve this issue, given the fact that it could easily happen again. In any case, president Donald Trump hasn't made any statements regarding this situation, which seem as a big surprise considering how much he uses this platform.

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