League Of Legends: Latest Patch Confirmed, Blood Moon Introduced

IN 6+ YEARS OF PLAYING I'VE NEVER SEEN RIOT DO THIS - League of Legends 7.3 Patch notes
League Of Legends just announced on their official website that a massive page will happen on the first week of February. This patch will introduce a new game mode named Blood Moon and it will beef up some characters. Photo : RossBoomsocks / YouTube

Riot Games already started informing all League Of Legends players about their biggest patch that is about to happen this year. Patch 7.3 will include numerous updates on the game especially nerfing and buffing certain characters.

The tentative date of the patch release will be on February 8. They are going to do it bi-weekly but as Riot Games mentioned, players need to check the server maintenance page from time to time. There is a possibility that the new patch will be moved either earlier or at later time. With that said, League Of Legends fans should be ready as their favorite characters will have a major change in their skill.

The new patch will not only be focused on buffing or nerfing some of the characters. It will also target and fix some bugs that were initially reported by the players. Also, they will introduce new Blood Moon skins. This is one of the most talked about topics before and right now they’ve finally confirmed that it will happen. As stated certain characters will have a change in their skills and abilities to balance it up. But there are two characters in particular that will become stronger than what they are right now, Camille and Vladimir.

League Of Legends: Patch 7.3 Changes

Although the plans are already announced, this patch might differ once it will be released. For those who are familiar with Public Beta Environment or PBE, it will either take the patch as it is or it will be updated after another patch. This is already a trademark from the developers of the game.

Here’s the latest update on each players numbers once the update is successfully completed.


The upgrade or changes on Camille will be on her 3 skills. Her first skill which is the precision protocol will have an increased on her bonus damage. From 70%, it will go up to 100%. Tactical sweep will have a slow decreased at a rate of 60/65/70/75/80%. Lastly, mana cost will have an increased. Originally it was at 50, after the patch it will be raised to 70. Stun duration will also be decreased to balance it out(0.75 seconds).

Vladimir (buffed)

Finally, this character will have an increase on its passive and active skills. Base attack will have an increase of 3 points, from 52 to 55 damage. His very first skill called Transfusion will also received a huge amount of change. The AP ration will be buffed to 60%, his damage as follows 80/100/120/140/160 from 75/90/105/120/135. However, Vladimir’s Crimson Rush will have a decreased, from 100% to 85%.

League Of Legends Patch 7.3: Blood Moon Mode

We were able to get some important details on what the Blood Moon mode is all about. Basically, it will act like a rotating game within the game. They called it Blood Moon because of its theme. As per their notes, Blood Moon will be spookier and it will let players blindly select between twenty assassins.

For more details on the latest patch of the game, you can visit their official website and check if your favorite characters will have changes.

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