Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Build The Burner Flamethrower

Aside from going back to its roots, Resident Evil 7 has brought about various new ways to defend one's self in a survival-horror game. One of the most popular and sought after weapon is the Burner, also known as the Flamethrower. This weapon is the most effective counter against bugs and is also a great way at dealing multiple enemies. In order to build one, a player must find specific parts of the weapon and assemble them all into one. Here's how:

Resident Evil 7: Building the Burner

In order to build the Burner Flamethrower, players must find two of its parts: the Burner grip and the Burner Nozzle. Trivia: players can actually find the Burner's blueprint on the floor in the Old House. One can pick it up but the game doesn't really require the player to get it in order to build the weapon since all the player has to do is to combine the two parts, similar to how healing items are combined, and voila, the Burner is unlocked! Here's how players can find the Burner Parts:

Resident Evil 7: Where To Find The Burner Parts

Burner Grip - to find the first part of the Burner, players must head to the Gallery room in the Old House. For those that didn't know, the Gallery is where the spider shadow puzzle takes place. Once in the room, players will notice the deck that has some trashcans on it. Step into the deck and turn left. Check the open trashcan and to find the Burner Grip.

Burner Nozzle - to find the second part, players must head to the Dining room. Once there, they must step outside to get to the Water Shed. Players must then open the door to the shed and then they'll find the Burner Nozzle lying on the table. Players can then combine these two parts on their respective inventory to build the Burner Flamethrower.

Why Buildd the Burner?

The Old House is infested with bugs and thus, building the Burner would make navigating in the area a lot easier. Moreover, the Burner is the best weapon to use against Marguerite Baker. But before one engages Marguerite, one needs to find the best ammo for the Burner. Craft the Burner Fuel by combining chem fluid and solid fuel in their inventory. Once the player successfully crafted both the Burner Flamethrower and the Burner Fuel, he can now easily finish this part of the game.

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