Planet Coaster News, Updates: Player Creates An Amazing Death Star Roller Coaster; Check It Out Here

Recently, a player named Charles Maurice, created an amazing roller coaster in Planet Coaster. He created the Death Star from the Star Wars movies. Fans are amazed on the creativity of Maurice, as he made the Death Star roller coaster very similar to the movies. Due to this, more players are getting attracted to the game. Roller coaster lovers will definitely enjoy this game.

The Death Star Roller Coaster In Planet Coaster Looks Incredible

In the video gameplay of the Death Star roller coaster in Planet Coaster, which can be seen down below, fans can see how well-polished the roller coaster looks. The details of every angles in the Death Star roller coaster also looks very realistic. Charles Maurice definitely put a lot of efforts in the Death Star roller coaster, which is rumored to be one of the best roller coasters in the game. Rumors suggest that more features are about to come in the Death Star roller coaster, such as jump scares and battle scenes. Fans also want to add more explosions in the Death Star roller coaster, as it seems pretty simple and quiet.

More Overwhelming Roller Coaster Designs Are Expected To Come In The Future Of Planet Coaster

Rumors suggest that more amazing roller coaster designs will be revealed in the game. There are a lot of possible roller coaster themes in Planet Coaster, which brings out the creativity of every players. However, it is not that easy to build a design similar to the Death Star roller coaster. Due to this, more players are practicing on building massive roller coasters in the game, which could have a really good effect in the future of the game. It is believed that the game will have more contents in the future that will make players more creative.

Planet Coaster can be played on PC.

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