Hollywood Actress Kristen Stewart Publishes Research Paper On Artificial Intelligence

"Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart is so much more than an actress that plays a role in a movie, as she recently published a research paper about Artificial Intelligence that she co-authored. She definitely offers more than what is expected from her and it has amazingly surprised her fans and the rest of the world.

Actress Kristen Stewart Co-Authored A Research Paper Published In An Open-Access Library

Just recently, Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart co-authored a research paper on neural-style transfer which is a technique that is currently using artificial intelligence to reconfigure an image using another style. The paper is written by Bhautik J Joshi who is a research engineer at Adobe and is related to the short film and Stewart's directing debut entitled "Come Swim." The paper was recently submitted to the open access library at the Cornwell University last Wednesday. The film, on the other hand, premiered the following day at the Sundance film festival.

Stewart Bases Paper On Directing Debut Film Entitled "Come Swim"

The paper describes the entirety of "Come Swim" with the duration of 17 minutes and is said to be a "poetic, impressionistic portrait of a heartbroken man under water," according to reports. The paper that was co-written by Stewart also stated that the short film induces the first moment of thoughts of any individual just as he is awakening. Neural style transfer was then used at the beginning and end of the film, to apply the style of painting to the images in the film. The entire process of the film depicts the pioneering form of visual effects that was described in detail as presented in the research paper.

It has been no secret that Stewart has always been interested in the unconventional creative techniques of film-making and the depth of its entirety. The actress has always been perceived to be of deep and dark persona, thus the artistic concept of the film that she directed comes as no surprise. Let alone writing about it has been a huge breakthrough for her, especially for someone in the film industry.

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