Kristen Stewart Gets Physically Abused, The Night With Stella Maxwell

Looks like it's the conclusion of the bond of Kristen Stewart and indie idol, St. Vincent. Gossips has it the Kristen Stewart is seeing a new girl. Kristen Stewart wasn't just spotted with her alleged sweetheart. She's also spotted with bruises and scrapes. What might have occurred between Stewart and St. Vincent? Was she battered by St. Vincent since of this new girl? We gather some information that might help us to understand the current situation of the two.

Kristen Stewart Spotted With A New Girl Ignites Jealousy

Kristen Stewart was beforehand seen with Victoria's Secret Model, Stella Maxwell in Georgia, on Wednesday. In earlier reports, Maxwell was said to be seeing Miley Cyrus; but the buzzes were later deep-rooted as false.

But, things might be unalike for Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart. They seem like to be relaxed and glad having each other. In fact, there are updates that claims that Maxwell frequently visits Kristen Stewart in the taping of her approaching movie, Savannah. The alleged couple was even seen spending time together from one place to another.

The two in the end split up, and Kristen Stewart was supposed to be dating St. Vincent, in October. But just this week, St. Vincent was seen once more with her ex-girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, which really took fans into surprise.

Did St. Vincet Physically Abused Kristen Stewart?

In addition to her public appearances with Stella Maxwell, the twilight actress was also seen with bruises on her face, and her fans have been gone worried after seeing her pictures.

As per Yahoo, there were a lot of assumptions about where Stewart got her bruises, stories even say that St. Vincent abused the actress. She might have gotten it from filming or partying.

Things are rounding up with the two couple. But, who's among them are really cheating? Do they still love each other? Is it connected with movie partner Robert Pattinson since the alleged Twilight sequel will might have opportunity to reunite?

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