Dota 2 Latest Update: Dark Moon Special Event

After Monkey King's release, DOTA2 has it's very own way of celebrating The Year Of The Rooster with a special free event called the "Dark Moon." 

Dark moon is a free event, a Horde-based mode, where players need to defend against a wave of enemies that destroys the Ancient. Each round becomes challenging and different strategies must be made in order to beat the game.


The game consists of 15 rounds, each with different bosses and enemies, as the level progresses, enemies get tougher, the map consists of four lanes which should be defended by each player to prevent enemies from destroying the Ancient.  Experience is gained normally but players need to pick up gold bags in order to gain gold.  If a player dies, a tombstone is placed on top where the character dies but they also respawn in the end of each round with full health and mana.

Teammates can right click the tombstones to revive allies.  The more players click on the tombstone, the faster the character respawns.  Buybacks can also be used but have its own cooldown.  Furthermore, Experience can also be gained even the hero dies.


Players must have proper communication, strategy, and teamwork. Teams should also properly manage resources in order to buy items needed to gear up heroes and defend the Ancient. Towers that were destroyed also respawn at the end of each round while the towers survived earns the team additional gold, Three shrines are also found around the map each with 180 seconds cooldown Only a few heroes can be used in this mode so be sure to pick the best hero that suits your play style.


One of the best items that can be received as reward is a rare-Immortal Baby Dark Moon Roshan Courier.

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