Release Schedule For New DJI Mavic Pro Orders Has Been Stretched To Two Weeks

The DJI Mavic Pro has been one popular drone for the past four months or so. It has been widely talked about not just for its amazing drone qualities but also for its controversial shipment issues. Apparently, the drone has been so popular that the company had troubles shipping it on time to its customers. Needless to say, after the holiday sale rush, the DJI Mavic Pro's shipping schedule has been shortened to up to three days.

DJI Mavic Pro 2017 Shipment Schedule

It's worth noting, however, that the shift of the Mavic Pro's shipment ETA was done on a gradual basis. Meaning, before it got down to three days (3-5 days specifically), it was first listed as 7-10 days. After which, it got down to 5-7 days. The shortest shipping schedule the Mavic Pro has received is 3-5 days. This is quite a big deal considering the fact that the drone was listed with up to eight weeks shipping in the past months.

However, after a few weeks of practically an "express shipping" offer, DJI now lists the Mavic Pro with up to 15 days of shipping. Specifically, the Mavic Pro drone has an estimated shipping of 1-15 days from order confirmation and the Mavic Pro Combo is listed with an estimated shipping of 7-10 days from order confirmation. This may be a little longer than the previous shipment schedule, but it's still way shorter than the shipping ETAs from the previous months.

Buying The DJI Mavic Pro Now

If you're interested in purchasing the Mavic Pro at this point in time, you might want to get the drone directly from DJI. Other retailers still list the drone with a stretched-out shipping date. There are also people who ordered from third-party sellers months ago and still haven't received their Mavic Pro yet. With that said, if you want a Mavic Pro drone, you might want to head to DJI's site to order. Hopefully, though, the company can finally stabilize their Mavic Pro's supply-demand relationship so as to satisfy all of its beloved customers including those who do business with its third-party sellers.

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