Pokemon Sun and Moon Update: Transfering Missingno Causes Major Problem

Despite being a decade old, the familiar glitch monster, Missingno, is still causing a severe problem in Pokemon Sun and Moon. On the other hand, Nintendo shuts down around 6,000 players from accessing their online features due to cheating.

Transfering Missingno Just Brings Over Problems

With Pokebank finally updated, players can now freely transfer their monsters from previous 3DS games - including the Virtual Console titles. In line with this, fans can bring over Gen 1 (Red, Blue and Yellow) pokemon to Sun and Moon which includes the infamous glitch, Missingno. Players have caught the bug in the Virtual Consoles title and some have even tried to transport it using the Pokebank, as per IGN.

However, this comes with a consequence as bringing over Missingno will disorient Pokemon names. The 'monster' will ultimately vanish from the Transport Box while pushing all monsters' names to the right. Twitter user blazevoir elaborated the issue claiming that his Tentacool was renamed to MissingNo.

Meanwhile, his Rhydon's name became Tentacool while the Wartortle name changed into Rhydon. Needless to say, players should avoid transferring over Missingno lest they clutter the names of their Pokemon. While the Missingno itself is useless, it has variations that take the form of Ghost, Aerodactyl and Kabutops.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Banned for Cheating

On a different note, Polygon reports that Nintendo has banned over 6,000 players from using the Global Link which is the game's prime online feature. To elaborate on this, The Pokemon Company posted an announcement on the Japanese Global Link page wherein they stated that they blocked all players who used 'illegal save data.'

So far, the company has discovered a total of 5.954 players trying to exploit the game. These players have hacked, modified and altered various items, trainer info and Pokemon to use in competitive play or trades. Although, it is still unclear to which specific types of cheats are getting players banned in the first place.

Similarly, the same company banned over 1,500 players during a Pokemon X and Y tournament because they were using hacked monsters. The Pokemon Company has noted that they will continue to seek out players who insist on cheating. With this in mind, fans should opt to play Pokemon Sun and Moon fairly to avoid any unnecessary liabilities.

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