Titanfall 2 Latest News: Free DLC Comes With New Map Remake And New Live Fire Mode

Respawn is set to release a free DLC content for Titanfall 2. The game developer previously announced its plans to continue providing fans with free updated contents of the video game. With this forthcoming update, it seems that Respawn is true to its word and fans would be thankful for it.

A Remade Multiplayer Map Will Return

The free DLC of Titanfall 2 is actually a new gameplay mode that is slated to roll out in February. Its title is Live Fire. The game developers also confirmed that a Titanfall multiplayer map will come back in March. Apparently, this new map is a remake of the previous maps used in the video game.

The New Gameplay Mode Was Taken From Paintball

It seems that this new gameplay mode was inspired by the game of paintball, particularly the part of playing the speedball. The speedball aspect was confirmed by Griffin Dean, the designer of the Titanfall 2 Live Fire mode. In this game mode, players will have 60 seconds to capture a neutral flag, while they are in the 6v6 mode.

Every Round Will Only Be 60 Seconds

The player or the team that catches the flag when the time is up wins regardless of the numbers of lives lost at that point. According to Dean, the Live Fire mode of Titanfall 2 is a "fast-paced round-based 6v6 pilot only elimination mode." Every round of the video game will last 60 seconds. The objective of the opposing teams is to capture the flag on or before the one minute mark.

But They Are Giving It A Twist

Dean also added that apart from capturing the spirit of the fast-paced paintball matches, they are giving it a twist in Titanfall 2. He offered no details what this twist will be. But with his statement, it would mean that the Live Fire game mode will be somewhat different from the original paintball matches.

Dean also explained that like speedball, the idea of Titanfall 2 Live Fire mode is to induce the players to undertake a forward momentum. Each team has to advance towards the goal. Every team member has to be aggressive, not hesitating but making split second decisions that could result in winning or losing the match.

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