'Dead Rising 4' Gets 'Street Fighter' Costumes, New Modes, And Free Trial

Fans are in for a treat as Capcom announces that “Dead Rising 4” is getting a new update. The said up and coming update will feature costumes borrowed from “Street Fighter”. Aside from that, new playable modes and a free trial are up for the new video game.

Capcom released “Dead Rising 4” just last year before the wake of the New Year and the said survival horror video game has already been received mixed reviews, mostly great ones. The said video game was commended for its open world that is coupled with a challenging gameplay, housing a variety of weapons and of course, the comeback of Frank West to the “Dead Rising” franchise. Frank West is the main protagonist in the first “Dead Rising” video game.

Despite that, the game has also received some bad reviews, mostly pointing out that the new “Dead Rising” installment lacked innovation and encountered some technical difficulties. But hopefully, with the new updates being rolled out, fans will be at least appeased with them. The first update that the developers are putting out is the release of new outfits based on another Capcom video game.

Capcom has revealed that “Dead Rising 4” will be adding five costumes from the fighting game series, “Street Fighter”. Though the developers did not narrow down just whose outfits from “Street Fighter” will be added to the game, a photo was teased wherein Frank West donned the outfits of Zangief, Guile, and Cammy. The upcoming costumes include the outfit as well as the hairdo from the original characters.

Another good news is that Capcom will be releasing two new difficulty modes that players can choose from. They have reported that the said modes can have enemies deal more damage while restoration for Frank West's health is more challenging. The last thing that includes Capcom's latest offer for "Dead Rising 4" is the release of a limited trial version, including single-player and multiplayer modes, exclusive for Xbox One players.

Though the game has been released for the said gaming console, Capcom is providing a sneak peek for players to experience the game and even take the in-game achievements and progress they made if they end up buying the full version. The patch will be made available on Jan. 30 for the new outfits and difficulty modes while the limited trial will be made live on Jan. 31. Meanwhile, though “Dead Rising 4” was released on December 31 last year, it will finally be out in the stores in Germany starting Jan. 31 as well.

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