Paragon: New Hero Revealed, Prepare For The Blizzard

Paragon - Aurora Announce Trailer | PS4
Paragon players should be ready as the Snow Queen will make its debut. Aurora is perceived as a support type player but they should not underestimate her capabilities, considering that she has the ultimate weapon called Cryoseism. Photo : PlayStation / YouTube

After a few months, Epic Games has finally unleashed their new addition on their lengthy list of heroes. She might not strike fear by her looks but she has a devastating move.

Paragon was published last year of March 2016. To this day, this game still receives a lot of praise in the gaming community. Epic Games was able to find the right mix to make the game much better than expected. With the help of Unreal Engine 4(Epic Games Creation), Paragon is slowly but surely retaining their status as one of the best Online Multiplayer Battle Arena game.

A new hero was revealed in their latest trailer and she looks cute, to be honest. She has the resemblance of Rylai or Crystal Maiden from DOTA. She is perceived as the queen of the winter due to her abilities and skills. She doesn’t have the same aura like the other heroes. She is not even that intimidating. But basing on the first video that was introduced, she should be feared by many.

Her name is Aurora. She is the master of manipulating the cold. Aurora is specialist in crowd control and might be the best support in the game today. However, like Rylai from DOTA, a lot of players tend to experiment and explore her abilities. There are numerous times that she was used as a tank of the team. Well, we are hoping that Aurora would do the same as her trailer and gameplay look promising.

As stated, she knows every spell in the books to control the cold or snow. Here’s a quick look at her epic powers.

Frozen Simulacrum

Her first skill in the game. This doesn’t need a huge amount of mana but it is very useful in the game. Basically, she will create a clone of herself(solid ice) while leaping towards a targeted direction.

Glacial Charge

Aurora uses this skill if she wants to create a path of destruction. She will make an icy trail towards her enemies and at the same time, it will create certain damages. Anyone who is on her path will be either killed or be pushed away.


Created to protect Aurora, this ring creates devastating damage to any opponents. Anybody who will be caught on to her ring will be killed. Some of the enemies tend to stay away once they see Aurora activates this skill.


Imagine an earthquake that involves an ice explosion. This is exactly how it looks like when Aurora decides to use her ultimate power, Cryoseism. This move is so devastating it will turn her enemies into solid ice then it will explode once she’s finished with her spell. Regardless if they are a minion or hero, anybody that is within the area when she cast this spell will be in absolute danger.

These are the things that every player should know about the Snow Queen herself. She might be cool but she is not easy to deal with. Her powers are both used for offensive and defensive purposes. This makes Aurora one of the elite heroes in the game today.

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