Double Dragon IV: New Trailer Released, New Story Available Next Week?

Double Dragon Ⅳ Trailer (English)
Double Dragon IV is about to be released and their latest trailer just unveiled the newest antagonist in the game, The Renegades. Once again, Billy and Jimmy needs to destroy those gang before they destroy the world. Photo : arcsystemworks / YouTube

Arc System Works releases another video that concerns their iconic game, Double Dragon IV. It’s been almost 3 decades when the first installation of the game was released. Today, they are making a feat that is almost impossible to anybody, but not Double Dragon.

Most of the players or teenagers might not know this game because it is that old and we are not sure if they are still publishing the original Double Dragon(legit). This game was created in an era where the video game business is still rising. Double Dragon is synonymous with another timeless classic. You can put their name beside the massive game like Super Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Galaga.

Arguably they are the very first successful video game in a fighting type genre or often called beat em up video game. It was supposedly released as an Arcade game only but due to its popularity, they’ve created numerous versions on different platforms. Double Dragon hit their ultimate mark when they collaborated with Nintendo Entertainment System. Checking back their numbers prior to joining Nintendo, their sales went up thrice.

Double Dragon IV: The Return Of The Lee Brothers

This game would not be complete without the brothers who made the game even more interesting, Billy and Jimmy Lee. These twins are actually masters of martial arts known as Sosetsuken(fictional martial arts). This type of practice was actually made especially for them, thus the name “Twin Sever Fist”. Basically, Sosaiken or Sosetsuken is a combination of the world renowned Karate, Tai Chi and Shorinji Kempo.

Double Dragon IV: First Trailer

The very first trailer of the game was released last December 2016. It is where they officially announced that Double Dragon is back with their new series called Double Dragon IV. The trailer didn’t really provide us a lot of information about the game but Arc System Works confirming the return of their masterpiece is all we need. There were a lot of questions building on the trailer and fans wants to know if they are going to be dealing with the same gangs before or are they going to deal with an eviler one.

Double Dragon IV: Latest Trailer

The second and latest trailer of Double Dragon IV was released yesterday and finally, we have an idea of who they are facing. Billy is still the main character in the game while his twin brother Jimmy acts as a backup or second player. The debate was again brought up on whether or not the game is actually based on Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Way of the Dragon movie. However, there are no words yet on this claim, the same thing that had happened 30 years ago.

Going back to the trailer, Arc Works System introduce a new antagonist named The Renegades. As per sources, these new villains are situated in the far east. They are the current leaders of all the combined gangs in the world. Billy and Jimmy might need to travel to the east to find and destroy The Renegades before they destroy the well-being of the entire world.

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