Mobile Legends: Best Built For Natalia The Assassin's Champion

MVP Build Gameplay - Natalia | Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends might have introduced two more heores in their new patch but this hero should not be taken lightly. Natalia the assassin is one of the most prolific killer in the game today. Photo : SLR / YouTube

The new patch has just been released and there are two new characters that were added in the game. Both of them are very vicious regardless if you prefer a melee type or range type heroes. However, there’s one hero that is still considered deadly, her name is Natalia.

It was last December when they initially introduced Natalia. She was perceived as just another ordinary character because she wasn’t that hype. Most of the players didn't want any part of Natalia and as per the reports, she’s one of the least characters that players used. But tides have changed. When a famed YouTuber created a gameplay or walkthrough of this hero, they were mistaken about her capabilities. She is greater than what they thought off.

Natalia’s background is both intriguing and very sad. She was raised by a family of assassins and during her younger years, she was already trained and thought on how to master their families skill. It didn’t take long for Natalia to be able to hone her skills. She mastered the art of deception and she was able to do certain things faster than anybody. According to the official thread of Mobile Legends in Reddit, Natalia is seeking for revenge.

Natalia the Assassin wasn’t always as cold-blooded as she is today. Unfortunately, there was a specific mission where they failed miserably. Not only they weren’t successful with the job that was given to them but Natalia lost her partner. The disaster that happened made her flee and went on to the wilderness. Nobody knows what happens to her next until she showed up with a new attitude.

During her exile, she finds ways to extend her assassin skills. There are a lot of questions on whether or not she is looking for revenge, or she’s trying to prove that she is still worthy of the title as the greatest assassin in their family. Her skill set is unique but extremely deadly.

Assassins Instinct

Prior to getting the title or even starting with the training, you have to have the assassins instinct. The very first skill of Natalita lives up to her name, the assassin. Basically, when Natalia uses this skill she will gain more speed and also silences her enemies. This is also done while she is in stealth mode.

Claw Dash

If you got nothing to say or no business at all with Natalia, then you have to move out of her way. Natalia is not scared in dealing with her opponents face to face. Yes, she can always use sneak attack or assassin's instinct but she is also equipped with claw dash.

Smoke Bomb

Any assassin is a master of misdirection or deception, that includes Natalia. With the use of a smoke bomb, not only it will slow down the enemies but it will blind them in succession. Natalia’s speed will then again increase which will be more difficult for the opposing enemies to hit her.

Cold-Blooded Strangling

Basically the final nail in the coffin. Natalia will use each and every offensive attack that she knows to her opponent and these attacks have huge physical damage with it.

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