Ark: Survival Evolved Tek Tier Arrives Jan 30; Full Details Revealed

Updates are nothing new to the entire Ark: Survival Evolved community. Fans have been introduced to such (for a plenty of times already) since day one. Still, the promise of bringing the game's full version has yet to be delivered by the Studio Wildcard. But hey, before that thought become an idea, the studio is about to release a massive update.

The aforementioned Ark: Survival Evolved update or Tek Tier is coming to the game Jan. 30. According to PCGamesN, this update is all about adding various powered armors, weapons and craftable items, among others. For instance, a set of item comes with a new Jetpack system that allows players to go from Point A to Point B.

Apart from that, another Ark: Survival Evolved item is also coming. It's called the Tek Boots, which, in its organic form, negate all of the incoming fall damage. It also allows players to powerwalk-up on slopes or cliffs. Add to this list is the Tek Vision, which lets players spot any sort of creature (e.g. enemies, dinosaurs, etc.) both in the light and the dark. The brand new weapon called Tek Rifle is also getting the aforesaid functionality.

Special Tek Pants are also expected to arrive to Ark: Survival Evolved via the above-mentioned update. These wearable items allow players to increase their respective running speed. For those who want to own an incredible and powerful punch, the Tek Gauntlet is highly recommended.

It's worth noting that the said items in Ark: Survival Evolved are specifically designed for the title's end-game content. This is simple due to the fact that they require a very special material that's called Element. Now, this one here is a bit tricky - it can only be acquired from high-level boss. So in a sense, players need to be strong enough to do so.

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