Resident Evil 7: How To Easily Enjoy The Game For The Faint-Hearted

Resident Evil 7 boasts a new collection of scares that might unsettle even the most hardcore horror fans. For those who lack the bravery to play the highly-popular title, here are some tips to make the most out of the experience.

With the ongoing positive reviews around the latest installment in the horror franchise, it's only naturally for consumers to want to experience the game for themselves. However, some players are not brave as others and they ultimately choose to skip the thrilling experience altogether. For those who want to try and immerse themselves in Ethan's nightmare but are too afraid to play, Kotaku shares some things they can try to lessen the tension.

Trudge Through the First Hour

Firstly, the best thing to do is to just try and get through the first hour of the game. Everything starts off pretty slow with the protagonist having no way of fighting back. After a specific fight early in-game, players will have the chance to finally fight back and counter the ongoing threats.

Play During the Morning

Next, it is also a good idea to play during the morning as everything (usually) seems less scary during the day. If players want to take it even further, they can set up their personal gaming platform next to a bright and sunny window. Fans can even invite their friends or family members to play with them and share the horror.

Turn Up the Brightness

That aside, turning up the in-game brightness will allow players to scour through the map with much more visibility. It is scary to stumble through the darkness without knowing what lies ahead. Amping up the brightness around three levels makes a pretty big impact as players can now take in the surroundings.

Turn Down the Volume

Furthermore, gamers can opt to turn down the volume or take off their headsets. They might miss out o the amazing sound design but it will also lower the scare factor in general. Next, scared players should not even attempt to try to play the game on VR lest they want a heart attack. However, there are over 80,000 brave souls who are currently playing this with virtual reality, as per Digital Trends  

For PC players, playing on windowed mode allows for easy escape during jump scares or if they want to collect themselves before continuing. Finally, players can opt to run forward and let whatever monsters pop out kill them. Discovering the unknown will ultimately make the game feel easier to play. What sets Resident Evil 7 and other games apart from horror media is that the protagonist has an infinite amount of lives and will never actually 'die.'

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