Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Phased Out In the US

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is undeniably a less-acclaimed Surface tablet compared to its successor. The Surface Pro 4 has received quite a positive response from the people and it's the one Surface device that constantly gets amazing reviews from tech blogs. With that said, it's no longer a big surprise that the Surface Pro 3 finally gets phased out.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3's Sales Fall

As per ONMSFT, Microsoft has already released its FY17 Q2 earnings report and in that report, the company has mentioned about the falling sales for the Pro 3 device. With that, Microsoft will be phasing the said device out and will be selling the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book as the company's most updated devices. There are rumors about the imminent arrival of the Surface Pro 5, but Microsoft hasn't confirmed this yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro Listings

According to a Neowin report, if you go to the US Microsoft Store's Surface Pro 3 listing, you will now be redirected to the homepage. The UK Store on the other hand still lists it, but of course, it is marked as out of stock. Needless to say, this device may still be found in other third-party sources online but since Microsoft has phased it out, it won't be too long until the unit will no longer be found anywhere online. Besides, there's really no big reason for anyone to get the Pro 3 when the Surface Pro 4 is practically better than its predecessor. Additionally, the Pro 4 is also getting discounted on a regular basis.

Just last week, we've posted about the discounts given to the Surface Pro 4. This includes the "no pen" offer by Microsoft that gives it a lower price of $799. This also includes Best Buy's $699.99 deal that offers a free Microsoft Signature Type Cover keyboard. With that said, there's no doubt that the phasing out of the Surface Pro 3 won't be affecting the Surface fans as the Surface Pro 4 can definitely make up for the loss.

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