Apple, Twitter, Uber, Google's Sergey Brin And Other Tech Companies And Personalities Challenge Trump Immigration Ban

Key personalities in the tech industry are taking a stand against the U.S. President's immigration law.

The controversial EO signed by Donald Trump which prohibits immigrants from entering the United States has been met with disdain by many including from the tech sector.

It is quite clear why people of different races, genders and status quos are up in arms protesting this new executive order. The involvement of tech companies is nothing to be surprised of, as well.

During the campaign period, Trump has been vocal in his opposition to the supposed ways tech companies are working against the American people. He has openly criticized Apple and insisted that he will block the merger of AT&T and Time-Warner. But more importantly, Trump has indicated that he will impose new laws that are seen by tech companies as major impediments to the industry.

Tech People vs The Immigration Ban

One of Trump's first actions as the 45th president of the U.S. is to ban immigrants from entering the country. Immediately, its repercussions were felt.

Google has already instructed all its employees in other countries to come back to the U.S. before the EO takes full effect. Google co-founder Sergey Brin, whose family emigrated from the Soviet Union, was seen at the San Francisco International Airport "in a personal capacity" among the protesters calling for a stop to the supposedly unjust rule.

Microsoft is offering legal assistance to any of its people that will be affected by the ban. Uber is offering the same though it remains a controversial figure due to its CEO's connection to Trump.

Apple's Tim Cook sent out an email saying the company owes its existence to immigrants and refugees. He went on to say that Trump's immigration policy is not something that the company supports especially since Apple employs workers who are directly affected by the order.

Other personalities to protest the immigration policy include Netflix's Reed Hastings which is afraid that Trump's actions "will make America less safe", and Twitter's jack Dorsey who described the EO as "real and upsetting".

Effect Of The Ban On The Tech Industry

The H-1B visa program, allows skilled people to work in the U.S. and eventually earn green cards. Some of the brightest minds and talented hands working for different companies come from all over the world. Even some of the CEOs and other tech leaders are of foreign descent. The idea that these people will not be permitted to work let alone enter the country will leave a huge dent in America's tech industry.

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