SWAT 4 Gold Edition Update: DRM-Free Version Re-released Exclusively At GOG

Fans of the video game SWAT 4 Gold Edition can now order it DRM-free. This video game has been recently re-released without digital rights management exclusively on GOG. The copy that the gamers will receive if they order it will include the base game and its expansion SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate.

This Game Was First Released In 2005

SWAT 4 Gold Edition is a gripping video game about confronting dangerous criminals in cases such as hostage standoffs, or their apprehension. The game developer of this tactical first person shooter is Irrational Games and its publisher is Vivendi Universal Games. It was originally released on April 5, 2005 and has since received a number of updates.

GOG.com is known for its releases of DRM-free titles so SWAT 4 Gold Edition is not its first one. In this latest development, it is apparent that it has acquired the title exclusively. GOG now retails the title for US $9.99. In addition, it now offers all SWAT titles at 75 percent discount. The company has also highlighted the popular and highly realistic Elite Force mod to hype the game to its fans.

It Was Hard To Come By

Previously, SWAT 4 Gold Edition is very hard to come by. Online retailers such as EA Origin, Humble Bundle, UPlay and Steam didn't carry this title. There is a listing currently available in Amazon.com but it appears there is only one copy left and it goes at $140. With this recent offering of GOG, many players will be given access to this first-person-shooter.

Here Are Some Attractive Features Of SWAT 4 Gold Edition

SWAT 4 Gold Edition boasts of a lot of attractive features. They include a vast arsenal of weapons ranging from powerful shotguns and assault rifles to non-lethal stun guns. There are 21 dangerous missions played in exquisitely-detailed environments. Those who love first-person shooters will like this game because it will offer them different kinds of tools that they can use to control access and observe situations.

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