Overwatch Updates: New Bug Has D. Va Flying Off Of Maps

It's actually good that Overwatch is constantly getting new upgrades from the developers at Blizzard. This allows them to continue making fixes and growing the game over time; with those fixes, however, come bugs and glitches, and it looks like some players in the community have spotted some more.

D. Va 3v3 Glitch

A video posted in Youtube by Cjimpala HD shows D. Va falling out of the Ecopoint: Antartica map after she ejects from her mech, and by fall out, she literally falls in a texture-less mass of nothing that seems to exist below the actual arena. What's more, D. Va can still be attacked by other players as she's falling, but the player controlling D. Va can do very little to fight back.

Game Rant points out that just recently, Mei had a glitch in the same map as well, but instead of being a problem, her glitch actually helped her escape a few sticky situations. The D. Va glitch was said to have come up right after the upgrade for Overwatch's Year of the Rooster Event.

Five-Minute Health Glitch

Gaming Bolt has also pointed out that some players have been complaining about a glitch concerning HP, and it seems to have come up after the latest patch to Overwatch. A user on Reddit had posted that HP in-game seems to last for only five minutes, regardless of a player's health status.

The latest patch for Overwatch seems to be filled with a lot of bugs and problems, but seeing that Blizzard is always updating the game and participating in the community forums, the problems won't be up for long. Hopefully the devs can fix all the bugs before the Chinese New Year event ends.

Overwatch is playable for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and the Chinese New Year Event lasts until Jan. 31.

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