Pokemon Sun And Moon: Mega Stones, Beedrillite And Mawilite Available Next Month

Finally, Game Freak announces the availability of Mega Stones in Pokemon Sun and Moon. As stated, they will released each and every stone by February. Photo : PhillyBeatzU / YouTube

Amidst the activation of the Pokebank in Pokemon Sun and Moon, another major update will happen soon. Probably it's already overdue to some players but finally, they are going to do it. Mega stones will have an upgrade and multiple Pokemon are going to be affected by it.

It was last November when Pokemon Sun and Moon was released. Overall, the game was able to live up to the hype that they’ve created. Game Freak was able to introduce multiple dimensions and features of the game that we haven’t seen before. There were a lot of characters introduced, from legendary, normal, to the ultra beast.

However, there is one feature, in particular, that is not complete and yes we are talking about the Mega Stones. For some players, they might not need it but for the majority of them, it is very essential. Mega Stones was initially introduced in Pokemon X and Y. It is a unique stone or item that lets you Mega Evolve your Pokemon.

When Game Freak finally acknowledges Mega Stones, fans were unglued and wants to know if their Pokemon is included in the list. They’ve also stated that the Mega Stone will be distributed massively in the Alola Region. According to Serebii(respected site for all Pokemon inquiries), Beedrillite and Mawilite will be introduced first. They will be distributed as an entry gift for an incoming competition in February.

Speaking of competition, for those who have tried joining before, mega stones are illegal or banned in the official Pokemon VGC format. Going back to this unique stone, players were allowed to obtain this mega stones by purchasing it in the Battle Tree shop. There are still numerous Mega Stones that is not available in the tree shop especially when they’ve added Gen 7.

Here is the following list of Pokemon who will receive the Mega Stones.


One of the original Pokemon in the game will finally receive its mega stone. Pidgeot is a dual type(normal/flying) Pokemon that is very easy to catch but certainly not that easy to handle. Using the Pidgeotite(mega stone), it will evolve into a more aggressive dual type Pokemon, thus creating the name Mega Pidgeot.


The very first Gen 2 Pokemon in our list that will receive its Mega Stone. A lot of players actually like Steelix due to its very simple to use and very effective. A dual type Pokemon of Steel and Ground, Steelix is very aggressive. Upon getting its Mega Stone or Steelixite, this Gen 2 Pokemon will evolve to a Mega Steelix.


A Pokemon that is known for its speed, this Generation 3 Pokemon is hard to deal with. Sceptile is very agile and probably the quickest speed attack in the game today. Like the other two that was introduced, Sceptile can evolve to a Mega Sceptile by using Sceptilite.

The other Pokemon who will have their Mega Stones available in Pokemon Sun and Moon are Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt, Altaria, Lopunny, Gallade, Gardevoir, Diancie, Mewtwo( X and Y), Ampharos, Heracross and so on.

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