Here's What Phase 1 Is All About In Ark: Survival Evolved TEK Tier Update

At long last, developer Studio Wildcard has released the Tek Tier update for Ark: Survival Evolved. And so far, it's nothing but plain awesomeness. Fans are definitely loving it. It's worth noting, though, that this patch comes with multiple phases. For now, here's what Phase 1 is all about.

According to Express, the TEK Helmet in Ark: Survival Evolved contains a robust built-in oxygen tank as well as three types of vision. These are namely the Sonar, the Night and the combined mode Sonar/Night. Sonar, in particular, helps players to identify allies, tribes and enemies, among others, more efficiently.

As for the TEK Boots, Ark: Survival Evolved players will be able to scale various vertical surfaces. And yes, this can be done so easily. This comes with the ability to negate any falling damage. TEK Pants are also part of the aforementioned update. Thanks to it, player can do super run or sprints. They can now speed through any solid things their eyes can see. It's combined with the so-called TEK Shirt, allowing the wearer to do faster flight. More importantly, it gives a very interesting superheroic stance.

Also for the TEK Shirt, Ark: Survival Evolved fans will love the Jet Pack. It gives them the capability to fly, similar to how Marve's Iron Man does it. This will give the wearer a better view of any incoming enemies or what not. This one here also comes with TEK Gauntlets, which give a very powerful super punch.

TEK Rifle and TEK Helmets have also arrived to Ark: Survival Evolved. The former is basically powered by Element and dons a scope that can be integrated to the latter. This feature allows players for better fight stance. TEK Rex Saddle, on other hand, is all about mounting deadly lasers on a player's T-Rex.

Furthermore, Ark: Survival Evolved now has the TEK Replicator. It's basically there for the purpose of crafting different items. TEK Transmitter is also part of the latest patch. It's functions similar to how an Obelisk does. This gives players the ability to transfer characters, items and creatures across the game.

The TEK Tier update for Ark: Survival Evolved is now live on the PC platform. As for the consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a planned launch is already set. Studio Wildcard is said to release it come Feb. 14, just in time for the Valentine's Day celebration.

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