Resident Evil 7: Did The Game Lead To Capcom's Demise?

Resident Evil 7 received mixed to positive reviews from both critics and fans but it appears that the latest installment of the survival-horror franchise of Capcom had led to the company's apparent downfall.

Capcom's Stock Fell after Resident Evil 7's Release

Gearoid Reidy of Bloomberg News tweeted the surprising downfall of Capcom's stocks following the release of Resident Evil 7. As shown in the image down below, Capcom's stock has fallen steadily over the past days. In Jan. 30, Capcom's stocks fell down for more than 3 percent in total. Note: the graph is based on Japan Exchange Group.

Many were shocked by the news considering that many praised the complete overhaul that Resident Evil 7 has undergone as compared to the previous iteration which fans deemed to be more of a horror action-adventure than a survival-horror genre. By going back to its roots, Resident Evil 7 has provided the fans the thrill and excitement that they've all been dreaming about.

But despite all of the changes, it's surprising to see the consistent dip on Capcom's stocks. What could the reason be? Well, it's quite possible that the investors were reluctant to Capcom's initial forecast about RE7 shipping more than 4 million units on day one sale.

Albeit the successful week of RE7, where it currently stands as the 3rd best launch for the entire series, many investors couldn't have foreseen the possible success of RE7 especially with the negative reviews that RE6 had received. Moreover, prior to RE7's release, Capcom foretold that the latest installment will surpass the numbers that Resident Evil 5 and 6 had yield (these two are the best-selling titles of the franchise).

Currently, Resident Evil 7 has shipped a total of 2.5 million copies worldwide and is expecting to reach another milestone especially with the warm acclaim that it received from its fans. It's interesting to see how such a popular title could've resulted on the company's apparent dip on its stocks. Although this forecast does not necessarily mean that RE7 directly kills Capcom, if this fall in stocks will continue, it definitely will be - albeit the success of its sales in the global market.

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