HIV Vaccine: Human Trials Show Positive Result

Human trials have shown meaningful advancement towards a development of HIV vaccine. For years, researchers have a hard time looking for HIV cure. Typically, when a virus strikes, the body recognizes the foreign entity and creates antibodies that will destroy it. However, the HIV could not easily detected by these antibodies because it affects the immune system first.

A new study has shown that the antibody 10-1074 can neutralize the virus by targeting a structure of the HIV envelope protein known as V3 loop. During the human trials, volunteers, where 19 were infected and 14 are not infected were given a different dosage of the antibody. It was proven to be safe and creates high level antiviral activity. In the 13 volunteers that has the highest levels of HIV, 11 shown speedy drop in levels.

Florian Klein of the University of Cologne, co-author on the paper said that these antibodies are highly potent and are able to effectively neutralize a large number of different HIV strains. This could possibly lead to the development of an effective HIV vaccine.

According to Wired, as the trial continues it is found that the HIV virus mutated to defend against the introduction of 10-1074. It means that there are more additional research and antibodies to be developed to fully create an HIV vaccine. Results of further studies about the HIV vaccines will be published after a few months.

A 44-year-old man in London was reported to show no detectable signs of HIV after the treatment took place. He was a part of the 50 volunteers that first undergone the trial. Researchers are continuously exploring on the possibilities and the progress is extremely remarkable.

According to the Medical Daily, for the meantime that HIV vaccines are not fully developed yet, science has made other ways to prevent its spread. This includes safe sex, like using condoms to prevent transmitting HIV viruses. There are also drugs available to reduce the risk of being infected with HIV by 92 percent. These drugs could be effective, however, unlike desirable HIV vaccines these drugs need to be taken regularly to keep its effectiveness.

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