Clash Royale: Fans Demand For Executioner's Nerf

The Executioner is the newest card in Clash Royale and it appears that the Epic card is causing a lot of problems in the competitive arena especially with how fans deem the card to be severely overpowered. Days following its launch, fans are already demanding for the outright nerf of the card. Here's why.

Clash Royale: Executioner Overpowered?

The Executioner is considered by many to be highly overpowered especially in the current meta where it effectively counters most prominent decks such as the Lava Hound, Spawner and Zap-bait decks. A growing thread from the Clash Royale subreddit explains how the Executioner solely counters these archetype decks and how this single card has killed the game's diversity.

Executioner's Strengths in Comparison

In order to fully grasp the power of the Executioner, one should compare it to a card that functions the same as it and also has the same Elixir cost - a good pick would be a Wizard. When one compares the Executioner from the Wizard, one can easily spot the huge disparity between the capabilities of the two. Here are some of the highlights:

The Executioner has more HP than the Wizard, easily resisting a direct hit from Fireball and Lightning. The Executioner has more straight damage than the Wizard although the latter has more DPS than the former. The Executioner immobilizes all medium troops and below which ultimately makes it far superior than the Wizard.

Executioner's Possible Nerf

One can easily point-out that the Executioner definitely needs reworking especially on how it counters most decks and how it can easily support some decks particularly those focusing on Elite Barbarians. Here are the possible nerfs to the card whilst still maintaining its Epic stature: Remove its axe's stun, Reduce its HP and Range, and Increase Elixir Cost.

With how strong the card currently is, fans can surely expect an outright nerf of the Executioner but it's also quite interesting how Supercell will approach the upcoming changes. Note that the studio severely buffed the Elite Barbarians after fans complained about the underwhelming card. Will Supercell make the same mistake and severely nerf the new Epic card? Check back for more Clash Royale news!

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