George R.R. Martin's 'The Winds Of Winter' Already In Progress; Release Date To Be Sooner Than Expected?

"Winds Of Winter" has been one of the most anticipated novels to date. And just as it excites fans with its storyline and plots, many are still in highest thoughts as to when the novel would actually be released. Sources admitted that "Winds of Winter" could be released in October 2017 or could reveal its release date on October 2017. There have been ongoing rumors that Martin might release a new story from Westeros that could be an indicator of a book being published real soon.

Martin To Released 'Book Of Sword' This October, Here's What Viewers Should Expect From The Book

International Business Times admitted that the famous author is on greatest hopes that he would be releasing a book this year, 2017. Reports revealed that the new book would be titled "Book of Swords," a series of fifteen original tales that would center on swords and sorceries made by different authors.

Martin cleared that the story would be based in Westeros and would not reflect a chapter from the next book in "A Song Of Ice And Fire". It was also reiterated that the author is already done with some chapters of the upcoming book with some already published online.

'Winds Of Winter' Already Has 11 Sample Chapters, Is George R.R. Martin Confident That The Book Would Be Released This Year?

In line with that, there has been a series of speculations that Martin already gave out 11 sample chapter from "Winds of Winter". Some believed that the author would not add up additional chapters anymore as he already stated that the book could be released this year.

Fans believed that if Martin would not be releasing "Winds Of Winter" this year, there is a great chance that the book would have its release date on 2018. Martin has been tagged as a slow writer yet fans are still in awe as to how he tells stories effectively.

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