Ben Affleck Steps Down As Director Of New 'Batman' Movie; James Gunn Suggests Replacement

It has just been revealed that Ben Affleck has decided to step down from his role as director for the new up and coming “Batman” movie. The news arrived as the said actor announced his plans and gave out explanations. Meanwhile, James Gunn has shared his two cents on who to replace Affleck for the directorship.

Warner Bros. has been gearing up the movie industry with all the DC “Justice League” movies it has lined up. One of the anticipated movies is the reboot of the ‘Batman’ movie franchise, which kicked off with Ben Affleck starring as Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, in the movie titled “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which was released last year. Though the initial announcement of Affleck being cast for the said main role was received negatively, many have agreed that he actually fits the role.

With the new “Batman” movie confirmed to be in the works, Affleck will reprise his role as the dark knight and has even revealed before that he will be directing the production as well. He has further revealed that the script is already being developed. But Affleck has then announced that he will be leaving the directorship for the new yet untitled “Batman” movie.

Though Affleck has left the top position of the production, he has clarified that he will still be playing the role of Batman and will also still have a hand in the writing of the script. He has explained that he is putting all his utmost efforts in making sure this reboot gets the best performance from him so he realized he could not do that when he has to juggle between being the lead actor and the director so he decided to let go of one role. Since Affleck has stepped down as director, the position has remained vacant, he said.

But of course, James Gunn, a renowned American screenwriter, and director has shared his thoughts on this matter and expressed that since the directorship for the “Batman” movie is still open, Jeremy Saulnier should give it a try if he’s interested. Saulnier is an expert when it comes to directing thriller horror movies and since the “Batman” adaptation is based on a dark story, it might not just be a bad idea for him to have a hand at it.

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