IBM Strongly Criticized For Weak Response To Trump´s Muslim Ban

Donald Trump´s bitter relationship with the tech world doesn't seem to get a near end as the giant firms strongly criticized him for the Muslim ban, by considering this decision as a radical move that is denigrating millions of immigrants. However, even when IBM was the latest to do so, this company has been blasted for not showing a strong stance on this delicate issue.

Apple Had A Much Stronger Stance Over The Muslim Ban

Just two days after the major tech firms spoke out against the Muslim ban, IBM said that the company long believed in diversity, inclusion and tolerance, and that the path for prosperity, innovation and civil society is the path of engagement and openness to the world. In fact, IBM´s statement over the Muslim ban didn't make any direct mention of the issue or president Donald Trump.

Of course this is a quite different stance as the one taken by Apple, which clearly show its position through its CEO Tim Cook´s words, in which he explicitly said that this company would remain open to every person in the world, no matter where they come from, since the Cupertino giant would exist without immigration.

In response to IBM´s statement over the Muslim ban, cryptographer expert at the Johns Hopkins University, Matthew Green, tweeted that he has read technical manuals with more content than IBM´s statement. In fact, many other people also criticized the company´s position, remembering how it collaborated with the Nazis in the past.

IBM´s Chief Executive Works With Trump

In any case, it is believed that IBM´s weak stance on Trump´s Muslim ban might be because its chief executive Ginni Rometty is currently one of over a dozen high-profile figures advising the president on his Strategic and Policy Forum, in which other major figures in tech world as Uber boss Travis Kalanick and tech-pioneer Elon Musk also participates.

Although it is not known how the tech world will position against Trump because of the Muslim ban, it is quite possible that IBM enters into a dangerous downward spiral because of this issue. Nevertheless, it remains unknown if this could also happen with Uber and Tesla.

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