Konami Earning More By Ditching Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill

Konami is reportedly earning more by essentially abandoning its AAA games like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. The developer is now concentrating on other ventures that seemed to have paid off.

Gambling And Mobile Game Revenues

The AAA games that made Konami famous have largely been forgotten as the developer is making money in gambling. Most of the revenues though also come from games but the mobile kind like Yu-Gi-Oh! and JIKKYOU Soccer. Details about the former are available here.

Konami's 2016 Financial Picture

The two mobile games were released in the latter half of last year. The titles though brought enough profits for Konami, according to their financial reports. The financial summary revealed around 164 million Yen in revenue. Compared to 2015, last year's revenue was lesser by almost nine percent. Profits though rose by almost 30 million Yen which is more than 170 percent higher than 2015.

Konami's Change Of Tack

The recent success of Konami in mobile gaming suggests that the developer may forego creating AAA games. This is merely speculation but questions are now being asked. Once upon a time, its game titles like MGS brought serious money to the company. Unfortunately, times are changing for the embattled developer.

One of the possible reasons why the MGS franchise is no longer attracting a huge following is due to Hideo Kojima's departure. Konami's once beloved developer was widely credited for the early successes of Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately, relations between the two soured as the franchise losed the appeal it once had with players. In fairness, the MGS still has a number of dedicated fans.

Kojima has since left the company and founded a company of his own. His studio is currently developing an upcoming game called Death Stranding. It features a number of well-known Hollywood actors such as Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. It is expected to come out sometime in 2019.

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