Star Wars Battlefront 2 Confirmed For A Release In The Holiday Season

Though DICE's Star Wars Battlefront reboot may not have been received with the warmest of reviews, EA looks to be making up for it with the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The game is set to come out sometime around the holiday season - just in time for the release of "Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi."

Battlefront 2 Release

According to the Bitbag, the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in the holiday season was confirmed by CEO Andrew Wilson on the official EA Twitter Page. He has also confirmed several other features arriving to the game including more playable heroes and game modes. What's more, it's been also said that Battlefront 2 will be involving "multiple 'Star Wars' eras," so fans already have their fingers crossed for the Clone Wars.

Multiple Eras

Though it has been known for a while that Battlefront 2 will focus on the new trilogy that was launched back in 2015 with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," the news that multiple eras will be arriving to the game left some fans in a lot of speculation. Does that mean that Battlefront 2 will revisit the original trilogy as well as the prequels?

Though the prequel movies weren't very well received, a lot of fans have been clamoring for the inclusion of the Clone Wars in Battlefront. One of the biggest "Star Wars" games was considered to be Star Wars Battlefront II, and it featured multiple eras as well, starting with the clone troopers from the Clone Wars to the classic stormtoopers in the original trilogy. Hopefully Battlefront 2 comes with more features than its predecessor.

Single-Player Campaign

Probably one of the biggest complaints on the release of Battlefront was the lack of a single-player campaign, and this time around, the developers have confirmed that the mode will be present it Battlefront 2. With Battlefront II's campaign focusing on the war journals of the clone troopers, it's a mystery what kind of story will be brought to the next Battlefront game.

Players speculate that an official announcement of Star Wars Battlefront 2 will take place on EA Play on June 10-12.

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