Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Why Samsung Should Be Worried

With everyone looking to the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it's no wonder there's a glut of excitement surrounding the phablet that may just be Samsung's "next big thing." Despite the fact that there are plenty of reasons you may want to keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it seems folks just can't stop talking about the Note 3 before it even comes out.

Samsung is known for creating sensational products with reliable reputations, and yet there's reason to believe some doubts about the alleged features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. They might be worrisome to Samsung ... and should maybe worry you, too.

"Despite being hugely popular Samsung smartphones come under some criticism about their build quality," Phone Reviews says, adding that, of course, a lot of this criticism does come from Apple fans (who "should be more worried about easily scratching their iPhone 5").  

Regardless of the Apple jibe, Phone Reviews does believe that "some design features that were thought to be coming to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are in doubt."

The first speculated feature in doubt, according to Phone Reviews, is the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will now rock a build of some kind of metal, such as heavy aluminium, as opposed to the traditional Samsung plastic. The reason this feature is in doubt, though, is that:

A)     Integrating an aluminum frame for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would mean Samsung would possibly have to lose its popular removable batteries and microSD card support

B)      A tweet from industry analyst Eldar Murtazin reading: "Rumour mill. Note 3 will be different by materials and design from current models due to success of HTC one. Really god work for HTC pr team"

Murtazin apparently believes that the rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 being made of aluminium was actually spread by HTC, especially as it stemmed from Samsung's fear that the plastic build for the Galaxy Note 3 wouldn't be able to compete with the HTC One.

The question now is whether or not Samsung should actually be concerned about the build for the Galaxy Note 3 being able to compete with that of the HTC One. Whatever it might be made from.

The other feature that has been bandied about, in Phone Reviews' view, is the rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have a flexible screen.

"[U]nfortunately this doesn't now to seem to be the case," Phone Reviews says.

According to ETNews, Samsung is having some difficulties with "the quality of the flexible displays and the encapsulation process," as regards the supposed feature for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

"OLED displays need encapsulation to help protect them from oxygen and moisture, but Samsung seems to be having issues with this process are reportedly looking at other ways so the technology may not be ready in time for the expected 2013 release of its flexible displays," Phone Reviews says.

Do these possible fears on the part of Samsung concern you, too, when it comes to excitement about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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