PlayStation 4 Pro In High Demand Despite Negative Reviews

Reports have claimed that the PlayStation 4 Pro has received a lot of negative reviews as of late from fans claiming that their expectations were not being met. Many people who bought the PS4 Pro have claimed that the system failed in meeting their expectations as they claimed the PS4 Pro was nothing short of similar to the original PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 Pro Is High On Demands 

According to NSEAVoice, though the all-new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has failed to receive a lot of positive reviews from the gaming industry, this does, however, not change the fact that the gaming system is still undoubtedly one of the most sought after gaming consoles available today.

This was confirmed when reports have revealed that Sony is currently facing a lot of pressure in ensuring that sufficient supplies of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro are being produced and shipped to different retailer stores worldwide.

PlayStation VR Faces Global Stock Shortage

To make things worse for the game developer - which is better when looked at a different angle - the PlayStation VR is also facing a growing supply crisis of its own. According to MasterHerald, the sales report revealed that the PlayStation 4 Pro is sold out in Europe and in Asia.

Currently, there are still supplies in North America, but the bad news is that numbers are not sufficient enough to last even a single term.

Sony Assures They Will Meet Demands

Sony recently responded by claiming that they are currently working hard to ensure that sufficient supplies across every market will be met. Sony is even positively shocked by the surprising amount of sales reception that they have received with their hardware.

Sony then asked for the pending PlayStation 4 Pro and PSVR orders to remain calm and patient as they try to ship additional stocks for the two hardware as soon as possible.

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