Snapchat Working On 'Smarter Lens' That Animates The Real World

By Edge Ison , Feb 02, 2017 03:27 AM EST

Snap, formerly and more popularly known as Snapchat, is supposedly working on a new pair of "smarter lens" that allows users to animate the real world.

The supposed new Snap product has the ability to overlay virtual objects onto real-life landscapes. The advanced feature works by simply pointing the camera at an area after which animated images will appear and interact with the scene. If this sounds familiar, that's because Snap has already released a similar feature in 2016. The world lenses feature allows users to place animated images on top of real world scenes much like how the new feature is being described here. Snap stressed, however, that the new one is more advanced and can, for example, overlay a blimp in the sky.

The new and smarter lens is still quite a long way from an official release as the company stressed that the product is still in its testing stage and is not on its "near-term product roadmap". Mac Rumors believes that when the smarter lens does finally arrive, Snap will not offer the product to advertisers first. Instead, users will get a first crack at the new feature which will allow the company to base their strategy to the users' reactions.

Snap is carefully planning its next steps as competition from Facebook and Instagram continues to grow. Both social networks have already released or are planning to launch their versions of Snap's story making feature, namely Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

Snapchat got a huge following because of its filter feature that allows users to alter their faces in an animated manner particularly turning their faces into dogs, aliens or tacos in the case of the Taco Bell filter. The company also made some noise late last year thanks to the Spectacles. But while the spectacular smart glasses was a hit, it had its share of issues particularly its scarcity. The Snap Spectacles were only made available from yellow vending machines which popped up in different places. While the gimmick was fun, many were left without a pair to call their own.

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