Raising Awareness: February 4 Is 'World Cancer Day'; Is The Cure At Hand?

As the fight against cancer continuously goes on, the month of February makes it even more significant for activists and cancer patients alike. The annual commemoration is held every 4th of February with the hopes of uniting the people around the world against this disease that knows no borders and represents one of humanity's most pressing humanitarian and financial concerns. As of press time, basing from their 2016 estimate, experts have anticipated that cancer will take the lives of more than eight million people worldwide; half of these deaths will be people of working age between 30 and 69.

February 4 Is World Cancer Day

According to reports revealed by The North Coast Courier, the commemoration of the said event allegedly aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and education about the disease, pressing governments and individuals all over the world to take the necessary action. It was found that for this year until 2018, the theme for World Cancer Day is "We can. I can". Activists of the said event said that this year's commemoration highly emphasizes how everyone, may it be collective or as individuals, can do their part in order to hopefully reduce the global burden brought about by cancer. Furthermore, a significant number of experts say that World Cancer Day is just the ideal opportunity in spreading the word and raise the profile of cancer in people's minds.

How Far Has Mankind Gone For The Disease?

Meanwhile, as per News24, the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which is one of the world's leading NGO in fighting against cancer, has been found to have urged a number of corporations to focus their business on products and services that improve public health. The UICC has also been noted to have appealed to certain governments to urgently reaffirm their commitment to various and cost-effective cancer "essentials" packages to save lives such as the implementation of vaccination programs that aims to prevent infections that cause cervical and liver cancer. Ultimately, health professionals suggest that the first line of defense against cancer and other associated non-communicable diseases is mostly dependable on our lifestyle. Experts say that simple measures such as quitting smoking, consuming less red and processed meat, regular exercise and reducing alcohol intake can potentially extend a healthy life.


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