Climate Change 2017: Amidst The Threat To National Security Which Is Set To Result To A Massive Refugee Crisis, Study Shows

Senior military analysts have recently revealed that climate change is set to cause a massive refugee crisis of unimaginable scale of up to 30 million people. Munir Muniruzzaman, Chairman of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change has claimed that the rise in sea-level equaling one meter would most likely flood one-fifth of Bangladesh, a country with a population of 157 million, or about half of the U.S. population. Long before, military leaders have already expressed their fears that global warming could multiply and rapidly accelerate security threats across the globe by provoking conflicts and migration.

Climate Change On The Threat To National Security

According to reports revealed by The Daily Northwestern, the intense climate change has allegedly driven drought in Syria which has then notably contributed to conflicts and the country's refugee crisis. And because of these conditions where certain places are becoming hostile, many will be forced to migrate. Experts say that droughts, hurricanes, large volume of storms, heat waves, flooding and rising sea levels will all occur with greater frequency and severity. Consequently, it was anticipated that these factors will cause extensive property damage, and, in the case of sea level rise, even loss of land area resulting to human migration. Additionally, it was found that migration is far from being the only security risk of a changing climate.

Report On Impending Refugee Crisis

In one of his statements reported by Clean Technica, Stephen Cheney, a US Department of State Foreign Affairs member and CEO of the American Security Project Brig said that climate change is apparently going to fuel more extreme weather, water scarcity, and food insecurity, which will eventually lead to a so-called "new normal" of mass migration. It was found that in terms of the impacts brought by climate change, Cheney believes that they would also be able to act as an accelerant of instability in parts of the world on Europe's doorstep, including the Middle East and Africa. Ultimately, considering that 97 percent of scientists suggest that climate change is real; militaries have reportedly realized this as a threat, tipping the scales of conflict and migration on its head.


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