Final Fantasy XV Guide: Skills You Should Have To Win In This Game

Final Fantasy XV Guide: Skills You Should Have To Win In This Game
If you want to rack up your level in Final Fantasy XV and win in this game, you need to develop some of the most important skills needed to dominate. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

If you will succeed in leveling up and winning in Final Fantasy XV, you need to develop the right skill early on in the game. It really doesn't make any difference whether you're a newbie or a pro. You must develop and use these skills to gain AP and get to the higher levels. Here are some of the most important skills you need to have to win in this game.

As a Final Fantasy XV player, you will have control of Noctis. But he has three comrades to help him win his place in his lost kingdom. The skills recommended in this article will help you work together as a team and pursue your quests to their successful ends.

Develop The Skills Of Combat

Final Fantasy XV is a fighting video game and as such, you need to learn the combat techniques and styles that will quickly and easily overcome your enemies. Many adversaries will try to eliminate you early in this game so you should learn how to defeat them.

Regroup skill is one of your top learning priorities. You need to use this skill in all of your battles in Final Fantasy XV. With just two tech bars, this skill will rally all your party around Ignis. It will then restore HP and bring everyone out of danger.

Early in the game, when you are not yet skillful in combat, Regroup will be very helpful because your wounds will be easily healed. At this stage of Final Fantasy XV, curative items and Gil are still very rare. Regroup is also very useful when you need everybody in one place.

Specific Skills That Will Increase Your AP Throughout Final Fantasy XV

Here are some specific skills that you need to grab early on in Final Fantasy XV. Why? They will increase the AP you will get, and then give you the ability to complete the tasks ahead. If you are able to complete these standard tasks, you will gain more AP. Following are these specific skills.

Armiger Action and Armiger Chain Reaction will grant you 48 AP each if you will activate Armiger. Magic Action will earn you 24 AP if you cast spells. Happy Camping and Happier Camping will reward you with 32 AP and 48 AP respectively. You will earn these AP for making camp.

Chocobump will reward you with 32 AP. You will get these AP for riding Chocobos. Road Running will give you 32 AP. You will be rewarded with AP for driving the Regalia or if you are driven by Ignis using the same car.

You Need To Develop The Enhancement Skill

This skill will allow Ignis to give Noctis' weapon special elements that your enemy might be weak to. If you really want to inflict heavy damage to the HP of your enemy, you need to use the Enhancement skill. To make the enemy pay for his evil actions, combine Enhancement with Regroup, press the menu button and toggle between these two skills. You will be using this strategy in most of your battles in Final Fantasy XV.

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