Overwatch Korean Hackers Not Afraid Of Blizzard Hammer Ban

Overwatch developer Blizzard has unleashed several hammer bans against those who abuse the game. Korean hackers though seemed undeterred by the punitive actions.

The Blizzard Hammer Ban

Overwatch is a popular multiplayer game that has over 25 million registered players worldwide. It also has its shares of cheaters and hackers that spoil the gameplay of the majority. Blizzard for its part though has been weeding them out by launching massive bans every now and then.

Overwatch Korean Hackers Keep Coming Back

Overwatch is also widely popular in South Korea. Unfortunately, Korean fans of the game have to deal with the numerous hackers and cheaters in their local game server. The Blizzard ban though is not taken seriously. Korean hackers see it as a minor inconvenience for them since they can always create new accounts.

Korean Hackers And PC Bangs

Industry observers point out that most of the Korean hackers do their thing in the numerous PC Bangs scattered in the country. The place is an Internet café that allows users to play the latest and popular games. Customers simply have to pay the time spent using the PC and the hourly rate is quite cheap.

Normally, PC Bang personnel should monitor if their customers are downloading illegal contents or programs. Such is not the case though as Korean hackers can freely download cheat tools like aimbots. If caught, they can simply create a new account.

Overwatch Korean Players Demand Solution

Even Korean players are finding it hard to enjoy playing Overwatch once the hackers come in. Many resort to playing in other servers like North America or Europe just to avoid the cheaters. This clearly indicates that banning does not work well in Korea since hackers can easily create new ones. Instead Korean Overwatch fans want Blizzard to consider other ways than the hammer ban. The developer though has yet to issue an official reply.

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