Viber's Secret Messages Make Conversations More Meaningful

Viber has a new feature that will help users' keep their conversations private and it's done in a Mission Impossible kind of way.

The Secret Messages service, as its name implies, will keep messages between users private. A user can send a message, whether an image or a video and set it to self-destruct after the receiver reads or sees it. The new feature makes conversations between friends more meaningful as secrets are kept between the two. In a way, Viber's Secret Messages is the digital version of measuring true friendship by asking, "Can you keep a secret?"

How To Use Viber's Secret Messages

The new service is simple to use. The user just needs to capture a photo or video with the Viber camera and then set a time limit for the message. Once done, simply send the message. Old photos or videos in the user's gallery can also be sent as a secret message. Just choose the said image or video and follow the simple steps above.

Once the receiver gets the secret image or video, he or she is primed to tap on the blurred image to reveal the message. The message will last as long as the time limit set in the case of photos. For videos, the message will last until the clip is done playing. The private messages will completely disappear on the receiver's end while the sender will keep a little piece of information which is just a record of the time the message was sent.

Viber's Secret Messages vs Other Messaging Services

Viber is similar to Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp as all are messaging services. The other companies keep all messages in stock so users can go back and see them. Viber does the same but has added to choice to completely delete private messages.

Viber's Secret Messages service is quite similar to Snapchat from Snap, the same company that created the Snap Spectacles. With Snapchat, the messages are short-lived as they disappear after the receiver sees the image or video. Secret Messages is only one of Viber's many features.

Viber has another new feature which allows users to send Instant video messages by tapping and holding the instant video button and then releasing to send the 30-second clip.

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