Where To Buy The GoPro Karma Drone 2017

GoPro has now placed the GoPro Karma back in the market. This is after a recall that required the Karma owners to return their drones for a quick fix. As per GoPro's statement a few months ago, the first units of the Karma drone had some battery latch problems that caused the drones to lose power while flying. The company had to take back and refund all the drones to fix them all up. Now, GoPro is back on the drone market with the GoPro Karma. If you're one of the recall participants who want to buy the GoPro Karma again or if you're one of the first-time buyers, here are some of the retailers that list the drone right now.

GoPro Karma Drone 2017

As per a Tech Crunch report, you can now get the GoPro Karma from GoPro's site and from other retailers such as Best Buy, B&H and Amazon. Take note that this drone is typically priced at $1099 for the Hero 5 bundle. However, if you already have a compatible GoPro camera, you can buy the drone alone for $799.

Buying GoPro Karma After The Recall

Right now, GoPro's site has the GoPro Karma listed on it. However, aside from all the technicalities and shipment bundle details found on the website, the drone is still marked as "coming soon". Hopefully, the company is able to make the drone available for direct orders soon. Nevertheless, if you buy from Best Buy, know that the GoPro Karma listing on the retailer's site now marks the drone with a February 8 shipment.

B&H Photo on the other hand now lists the GoPro Karma with an expected availability of end of March. Walmart also has a live listing for the GoPro Karma. However, the drone is currently showed as "out of stock" and marked with a "get in-stock alert" button. So far all these third party retailers sell the Karma drone at the same price as GoPro.

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