The GoPro Karma Drone Is Back In The Market For A $1099 Bundle

The GoPro Karma is back on track as it flies its way back to the drone market. GoPro has already announced the drone's general availability and fans can expect to get it from multiple retail outlets. You can get the drone for $1099 including a GoPro Hero 5 or $799 for the drone alone.

GoPro Karma's Recall Program

It's worth noting that this is simply Karma's re-entry to the drone market after GoPro recalled the product last year. As per the company's statement before, the initial Karma drones had a slight battery placement issue that caused the units to run out of power mid-flight. With that, GoPro had to take back all the Karma drones that they have released and refund their customers' money. Nevertheless, the company did not bother to offer replacements. They just offered a refund and a promise that the GoPro Karma will be back on the market after this issue has been resolved.

GoPro's Comeback After The Recall

Now that the drone is back on its feet, fans who had to return their drones last year can now re-purchase the Karma from different retailers. As per Tech Crunch, you can check out GoPro's website listing or you can also go for other sellers like B&H Photo, Amazon and Best Buy. The Verge says that the 2017 GoPro Karma units now have a new battery latch that has gone through extensive testing to make sure that the previous problem won't be encountered again.GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman has also expressed his feelings about the matter saying that the company is a bit embarrassed for the issue that's as basic as that. However, Woodman remains positive saying that they are relieved that they can show the world that they actually do understand the drone technology and it was just an unfortunate mechanical slip-up that cause the Karma recall.

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