Final Fantasy To Get Escape Room Game, Find Out Here

Final Fantasy is a commercial, financial, and gaming success with over 130 million games sold. This video game series is by far Square Enix's most successful series to date. The revolutionary gameplay, graphics and storyline make the series stand out and soon, a devout fan base all over the globe developed. Critics and gamers praise highly the series for the ability to connect with the player and to create a long lasting impact on those involved with Final Fantasy.

There is news that Scrap, a Real Escape Game or REG producer from Japan, has partnered with Final Fantasy to create a Real Escape Game which was based on Final Fantasy XIV and was named "Trials Of Bahamut". Seeing how much Final Fantasy is well received and has a large following in the gaming community, a lot of fans can expect that this event would not only be fully booked, but also a success.

According to The Verge, players have to work together in a 60 minute game where the main objective is to prevent the evil dragon Bahamut from returning. Looking into this, there are a lot of possibilities on what kind of challenges players can expect when inside the game. However, to join this game, interested parties are required to buy tickets.

As per Real Escape Game, interested parties can bring as much as 6 players to join a game and that Scrap is hinting that there are a lot of challenges to overcome in order to finish the game. Also mentioned, the "Trials of Bahamut" will be available in the US only, in several cities such as Houston, Seattle, San Francisco , Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Orlando.

The "Trials Of Bahamut" is going to excite a lot of people in the gaming community, but being only available in selected cities in the US would also spark envy to avid fans outside the US. The event is scheduled to open this year. For updates about the event, ticket prices, availability, and event location, interested parties can visit Real Escape Game  for more information.

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