Pokemon Go Update: New Stardust Glitch?

Since Niantic released a brand new wearable device for Pokemon Go called Pokemon Go Plus, some players were having difficulties in acquiring it since the tool is always not available. However, it seems like most of the Pokemon Go players already owned a Pokemon Go Plus as of now.

During the earlier phase of the device, there are several issues regarding its connectivity which has been fixed later through series updates. In addition, Niantic had also made some improvements making it a great utility for those players who cannot afford to buy an Apple Watch.

According to the report from Otakukart, Pokemon Go Plus receives a number of tweaks since its arrival. At some point, it might have caused a minor glitch regarding the Stardust and EXP. Currently, there are several players who have noticed that they are starting to miss more stardust and XP while using Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, one trainer named Bearded_Frog reported that the Stardust will later appear if a manual catch is used.

The manual catch has been working out for some players. However, it is still unclear if it will work out for everyone. Based on the report, the stardust will come out with a massive amount after executing a manual patch from your phone. Bearded_Frog has already tested it twice. Meanwhile, other players said that restarting the game would do the trick.

Apparently, fans are hoping that Niantic can fix this newly-found bug as soon as possible. However, it would require a great amount of report to have a quicker fix. Additionally, players can submit their report through this link if they experienced the new Stardust glitch. Though this is just a minor one, but it can still be annoying to deal with.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game from Niantic which is currently available for Android and iOS devices. 


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