Fire Emblem Heroes Guide, Tips: How To Summon Better Heroes In Mobile Game

Fire Emblem Heroes players can summon better characters using a trick called "re-rolling". It's a time-consuming method though but fans are willing to improve their character picks.

About Fire Emblem Heroes

It's a mobile RPG that involves the use of tactics and enables players to choose characters from various installments. Some of the characters are simply better than others in terms of HP and Attack styles. Others are formidable against certain types of opponents while useless against some enemies. These are some of the reasons why getting a strong set of heroes is essential for many users. Players will also know that their chosen hero has a good stat based on its star ratings.

How Re-rolling Works

Players will need Orbs to summon their heroes. Orbs are either earned during the game or bought using the real-world money. This method though will not require players to pay for the ones they use.

Users will receive 15 Orbs for completing the game's tutorial, log in and two more Orbs are given out. Finish the first three story mode missions to collect nine Orbs as a reward. Players only need 20 Orbs to summon their group of heroes.

If players are not satisfied with the heroes they summoned, they will uninstall the game and install it again. This means deleting their current progress in the game too. Although re-rolling does not require the purchase of Orbs, the game will take a while to download and install. Remember Fire Emblem Heroes has more than 300MB worth of data once it's installed to the mobile device.

There's a caveat, though, the chances of getting a five-star hero are less than ten percent, according to Gamerant. Still, the odds do not discourage players from using the re-rolling method to get better characters in the game. Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available on Android and iOS devices, according to Nintendo. A number of fans though are complaining that they could not get the game yet from the Google Play store. There are also speculations that the RPG will perform better than Super Mario Run.

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